Sunday, December 16, 2007


Via Ravelry I found Springshawlsurprise, which is a 3-month-long knitting project. Each week Lul, a danish lady, will sent one part of a very tangy lace pattern. Even some - and I do hope it will be just "some" - backrows will have a pattern.
I registered, well knowing that I might have taken my mouth too full. My idea of knitting away the dark grey time and adding each day a little piece of spring to my life was very tempting so I registered. I also like the international charme that goes with this project.

Now I can't make up my mind about the yarn. I'm in the very lucky position to have the Hamburger Wollfabrik near by. The normal yarnshops don't sell yarn with the required length of 800 m per 100 gr. At least not the one I know. I would have loved to use Zephyr, which many of the participants will take, because I love the colors from their charts.

I went to the Hamburger Wollfabrik 3 times (!) to pick up bits of yarn for swatches. In merino quality there are hundreds of the most beautiful colors to choose from, but the stitches don't turn out as nice as from the other qualitys. On the other hand I didn't fall for any of the many cashmere/silk colors. Although the feeling of cashmere in my hands for manymany days is appealing.

Today I showed all swatches "live" to some people. During the discussions the choices got narrowed down a bit, but I'm still not so very sure.
Please look for yourself.
Any argument is welcome!

50cash50silk-verylightblue 50% cashmere 50% silk very light blue

merino lighter green 100 % merino lighter greenish

cashsilkmerinovisc-mix cashmere / silk / merino /viscose mix

50cash50silk-greyviolettwhite 50% cashmere 50% silk white with touches of grey/violet

merino darkergreen 100% merino darker greenish


  1. wow, I thought I was bad at making up my mind!!! ;-)
    I it so difficult to give advice on yarn online where you can't *feel* the yarn!
    If you plan to knit somewhere hot (though I guess even spain isn't that warm this time of the year) it might be nicer to work with silk rather than 100% wool.
    And it's not that you have to stick to 800m/100g -thinner yarn will work really well too :-)
    Good luck with choosing. You still have a couple of weeks left for more swatching *lol*

  2. there is no way I could choose between all those wonderful swatches. I do like the way those with cashmere in them looks and I would think they are very soft.

  3. Hallo Tally,
    mir gefallen die zwei 100% Merino - Mapros am besten, das sind wirklich superschöne Farben! Und bei der Qualität kann man nichts falsch machen ;-) (Ob mir diesmal das posten wohl gelingt? Habs schonmal versucht, aber erfolglos...)


  4. Oh how jealous I am that you can just run over and buy that yarn (it's a good jealous) :-) I've been debating and debating what yarn to use from their online shop-I just love to see the colors in persoon so I can make a good decision. I love all your swatches-that light blue is very pretty and something I might use. Oh and your pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  5. Number 1 or number 3, definitely. Well, it narrows it down to 50/50!

    I like the clear definition of the stitches shown in these two samples which is what lace is all about to me.

  6. The first one is my all time favorite! But it is hard to choose. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you pick.

  7. Wow, hard decision. I looked, and looked, and then looked again! If it were me I'd pick the gray/lavendar, but that's cuz I'm partial to purples.
    I look forward to seeing your shawl as it progresses.