Thursday, September 4, 2008

Far, far away


This picture symbolize vacation pure for me. It could have been taken at a lot of places on this beautiful world. Well, maybe in Europe you wouldn't find affordable hotelrooms this close to the water.

Imagine waking up on your first morning after a 5-hour-train-ride, a night in Frankfort, a 13-hour-flight, some hours on the airport of Taiwan, a 6 hour-flight, a 2,5-hour-car-ride through a foreign country and great scenery.
It was like getting up in a perfect dream.

The next photo is taken from the second window - with mighty vulcano Agung in the background. More exotic scenery now.


Next you see what lies directly in front of me. No, was lying. I'm already back home for almost two weeks. At first very sleepy due to the jet lag and too full of impressions to spent much time on the internet. Meanwhile getting adjusted to work again; a new schoolyear wants my attention.

On the crafting side: nothing, except exactly four stitches of sewing on my summertime-cardigan.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell where I have been so far, far away: On the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia!
I guess all of my next posts will show pictures from there.


I hope your summer holidays were as joyjul as mine!

***Thank you very much to my commentators for their compliments on my photographs. So very much appreciate, because it feels so good to get a feed-back. ***


  1. Welcome back!
    Ich erblasse vor Neid - BALI!
    Schön, dass Du wieder da bist und ich freue mich auf viele Urlaubsfotos von Dir.


  2. Deine Fotos sind einfach nur atemberaubend!!!!!! Ich sehe, wie gut es dir ging und wie wundervoll dein Urlaub war!! Ich freue mich mit!!

    liebe Grüße von Ellen