Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Corner View ::: Sitting in Hamburg

"From where I'm sitting" is this week's theme of Corner View.
I'm showing you my favorite sitting places right in the very downtown of Hamburg.

The most lovely thing in Hamburg is the huge amount of water. Not the sea as many people think, but there is the mighty river Elbe coming from the Giant Mountains and flowing into the North Sea.
Right through Hamburg there is the smaller river "Alster".
This sitting place is at the so called Alsterfleet, kind of a channel that leads the water from the Alster to the Elbe.

I could go on and on and describe what else there is to see and to know.
But most important is to sit there, enjoy the atmosphere and sometimes the people in all their activity.

Because this time I sat there on purpose it was very, very interesting.
I never noticed before the details of the people's activitys. But maybe it was the cold weather that didn't invite to many to sit out there and enjoy an ice cream or what ever. So the persons being out there had something 'to do'. Like me or like the lady with the green hat that was going through her shopping bags on and on.

sitting in Hamburg 2

If you would ask me what is always in my travel bag, especially on bicycle or backpack trips, the answer would be this green thing.
Its a foldable mini isolating mat. Comfortable, warming if needed, saving my back side from dirt if needed.
It is good for sitting on the floor anywhere, good for sitting on steps especially when there are many pigeons around.
It was very windy that day so I had to push it inbetween the slats of the bench.

sitting in Hamburg 3

Crossing the street there is this other favorite sitting place.
My personal suggestion: If it is your lunch time grab some lovely Indian food or some Arabian, Japanese, Mexican ... from the lowest story of the nearby shopping mall 'Europa Passage', but beware of the swans! They are not shy, but keen on your food.

sitting in Hamburg 4

If you enjoy books as much as I do and if you like to have it in a combination with coffee and a great view: Head to the same mentioned above mall and direct your steps into the book shop. The shop is not only great for its small lounge but the amount and selection of books. They carry many books in English and stock of course many books on Hamburg and the surrounding.

I hope you had some fun following me to my fav spots downtown Hamburg.
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  1. Thanks for let me sit next to you! It was beautiful en very inspirational! Thanks

  2. I love cities with rivers running through them. This is the first place I live where there's no river. But from my terrace, I can hear the sound of the stream at the bottom of the valley - when it's got enough water during the rainy season (which, yes, has been very looong)

  3. Interessant, die Ecke nach langer Zeit mal wieder zu sehen! Alles sieht so klein aus... Aber das ist wohl oft so nach sehr langer Zeit.

    viele Grüße, Lucy
    (P. S. Schnitt ist kopiert, aber ich komme erst Freitag zur Post)

  4. Great views around Hamburg and the river. Swans are beautiful, but they certainly have a bite on them - one nipped me when I was young - it was after my sandwich!

  5. Thanks for the Hamburg visit...I'll view the swans from a distance!

  6. we have a river running through town. water promises life, and it is the best resting place. hamburg looks inviting!

  7. Erinnerungsbilder auch für mich, selbst das Wetter stimmt!
    Liebe Grüsse, Allerleirauh

  8. I don't know Hamburg, but I'ld like to visit this city and just, as you wrote, enjoy the atmosphere.

    By the way, swan is one of my "totems" ! So, thanks for this picture...

  9. Jetzt musste ich aber grinsen, erst über die gigantischen Berge aus denen die Elbe kommen soll und dann über mich, weils so lange dauerte, bis das Riesengebirge durchgeklickert war.
    Hamburg habe ich bisher nur einmal im Sauseschritt durchquert - auf einer Deutschlandexkursion während des Studiums. Sonntags, bei schlechtem Wetter, als X-te Station dieser Exkursionswoche und mit offensichtlich stark überlasteter Aufnahmefähigkeit. Es gibt nur wenige Erinnerungen an eine leblos erscheinende Stadt - wahrscheinlich ein Vorurteil, welches ich irgendwann noch mal ausräumen muss.
    Deine Corner View Ein- und Ausblicke gefallen mir gut.
    Liebe Grüße,

  10. Hi, lovely Hamburg images. I found you on Francesca's blog (fuoriborgo) where I read your comment about rain and Liguria. I live about 50 km from Francesca, but lived many years in your beautiful city - long enough to have the swans eat my lunch several times :).

    Hamburg hat ein sehr eigenartiges Atmosfäre. Ich habe gelernt, mit Distanz, HH sehr zu schätzen,

    Da ich das Glück hatte, direkt an der Elbe zu leben, war ich gewohnt jeden tag von Blankenese bis entweder övelgonne oder nach Wedel laufen zu können. Es war wunderschön.

    I will be having guests here shortly at my B&B from HH and am looking forward to finding out all the changes that have taken place (such as that Europa Passage) since I have left.

    Liebe Grüsse aus dem sonnigen Piemonte an der schönen Hansestadt.

  11. i love your Hambug photos! is very great see all those images so diferents that i can see here..!
    i like the swans view!

  12. the shot of the swans is so lovely!


    xo Alison

  13. Thank you for these vivid photoes.I like the swans and water and the beautiful city.

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