Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corner View ::: Vacation photos

This week's topic "vacation photos" was choosen by Ian, the Englishman abroad.
This is MY topic.
Thinking about it I do make a difference between travel and vacation. I write a lot about my travels on this blog.
I had to prioritate for this post, so I choose vacation photos of the the relaxing bliss of the sea.

Coming just back from vacation on the beautiful island of Sardegna I'm still thinking beach, breathing sea and having the space of openess in my body, mind and heart.

All pictures are taken this fall in Sardegna (car and climbing rope), Sardegna in May 2005 (bicycle trip), Denmark, Andalusia. Some photos by Frank.

(I know I posted the leading photo before, but it is so my motto and it is so good for the start of this photo serie.)

beach, St

Long, long walks by the sea.

Capo Testa, Sardegna

Or playing on the rocks.


St. Lucia di Siniscola on Sardegna - my first 'paradise'. Dreamt of living on the beach for good. Many years ago. Revisited.

breakfast near the beach

Breakfast almost on the beach.

beach, Posada, Sardegna

Sleeping on the beach
(in 2005 on the bicycle trip 11 beaches in 11 nights. Loved it!)

bar, Corse

Coffee stop roadside. Bicycling trip, Corse, Summer 2010.

beach Denmark Skiveren

Even crafting on the beach.
Btw: this is the place where I learnt driving. First on my fathers lap, later him sitting next to me. Many, many years ago.
This time I had to smile seeing kids driving carefully the car.
Denmark, North Jütland, Skiveren.

beach, Orosei, Sardegna

Reading. Yoga mat under the towel.

cycling beach Denmark Skiveren

Fetching the breakfast rolls in Denmark on my bike.

sunset Sardegna

Sunset. Sardegna fall 2010.

sunrise in Sardegna

Walking up way to early in the little hours in May.
This view made me search for my camera hidden in the bicycle bags.
Not going to sleep again, but watching the sun rising through this ocean of colors.
Sardegna 2005.

beach Andalucia Bolonia

Walking between the years. Andalucia,
around X-mas and New Year Eve some years ago.

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  1. Sagenhafte Fotos sind das! Wie die Räder in der Abendsonne glänzen finde ich genial!!
    Da bekomme ich Fernweh - Lust auf Meer und Sonne - obwohl ich doch so positiv auf die kalte Jahresziet eingestimmt bin!

    liebe Grüße vom nassgrauen Bodensee

    von Ellen

  2. Thank you so much for this virtual journey on an ugly rainy morning!! Your pictures are so so beautiful!!

  3. It looks like you had those beaches all to yourselves: a bit like the first time I went to a nudist beach.

  4. Hey- great collection of photos...beautiful!

  5. Hammerfotos.
    Jedes einzelne ist wunderschön.
    Wenn ich hier nicht auf gepackten Koffern sitzen würde, bekäme ich direkt Fernweh :)

    Und es ist jammerschade, dass du nicht vorbeigekommen bist- je spontaner ich Besuch bekomme, desto lieber mag ich das.
    Nächstes mal, ja?

  6. Camping out on a beach... If I hadn't decided to let go of all of my material wishes, I would have put that one right up there in the Top Ten.

  7. Now I know what vacation means :) and it's beautiful.

  8. Your the second person who has posted about this island and now I know it is definately a must see not a want to see but a must see!

  9. Wonderful photos, wonderful beaches, wonderful memories I think.

  10. sardegna! so popular!
    i am falling in love....

  11. Ich liebe Sardinien - unglaublich schöne und beneidenswerte Fotos ☺, danke dafür.

    Lieben Gruß aus dem stürmischen "Nebenan",


  12. I love the rock photo, the sunsets and the walk on the beach. Oh heack I love them all!! xo

  13. Schön.
    Liebe Grüße,

  14. Danke, dass ich durch Deine Bilder mit Dir reisen darf... ich liebe Meer, Strand und die Weite und komme leider viel zu selten zum Reisen.
    Herzliche Grüße von Sabine

  15. I'm with you with the choice of Sardinia, it was also my CV :)


    And if you want to see more of my holidays have a look to my archives, month of "August".

    Have a nice day,