Wednesday, October 10, 2007

French dinner

Before I leave for my fall trip to France tommorrow I write about my touchable souveniers from my last trip in August. The non-touchable souveniers are my experiences and the memories.
I also bought some crafty stuff, already turned into summery, simple jewelery, but that part has to wait.

A good part of my vacation I spent in the Hautes-Alpes and did a little bit of shopping in the beautiful situated town Briancon. I love pondering around in french villages and small towns. So relaxing, at least w
hen one is on vacation!

As an inauguration of my new tableware I brought from there last weekend I invited my "Doppelkopf"-friends. (*Doppelkopf is a very German game*). Normally we have a one-course-dish before grabbing the play-cards but this time I wanted to spoil them. Here is our menu:

Soup from sweet potatoes and corn (not a french recipe),
spiced with fresh coriander and ginger.

Accompanied by home-ma
de fougasse (bread a la Provence) spiced with mixed herbs de Provence.

Papeton d'Aubergines - Crown of eggplant consisting of eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, pepper, garlic, onion spiced with a lot of self-collected thyme (*in Provence of course, not in North Germany :-) *) and some laurel leaves.

Chamignons in creme fraiche
with fresh parsley.

Baked potatoes in olive oil
spiced with
self-collected rosemary
- of course again in Provence.

Tarte aux Poires et Chocolat
Cake with pears, chokolade and cream

Hélène, I wonder if I'm not too mistaken with my french cooking. ;-)

In France we plan on going to the Calanques, a beautiful spot near Marseille at the Mediterrean see. White cliffs are raising directly from the blue sea and we are going to climb some of them.
I hope for a lot of sun to take in before returning into the Northern winter season.

See you in November, enjoy your fall!
Hello from Hamburg

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  1. Mmm, this looks delicious, and you seem to be an expert !

    I'm sure you will love the Calanques.

    Enjoy your trip !