Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Very brown

As in other aspects of my life I procrastinate. I had many topics in my head, some posts even written mentally. Notice the emphasis on "many". Oh yes, the good part in my life are my many, many interests and the downpart is sometimes the same.
So now I allow myself to hop into one of my many projects without having to write about all.

Already last winter, when I picked up knitting again, my eyes fell on the Shetland Triangle Shawl, like shown here and here and on many other pages as well.
But no, I promised myself that in my second knitting "career" I should only knit small easy things (more on this topic hopefully sometimes later).
Nevertheless somehow I couldn't resist the call of yarn shops and I ended up amongst more yarn with some beautifull cashmere/silk from the Hamburger Wollfabrik for a sleeveless sweater like the very friendly saleslady was wearing.
The yarn is shimmering very beautiful.
It is so nice to touch. I choose
Last winter I liked brown.

With two strands I started my sweater. Never got very far.
In spring I did not like brown anymore.

Sometime during the year I got hit by the next scarf, due to the blog "The giving flower". Kimberly was asking for company knitting the Peacock Feather Shawl.
You bet I was tempted. The colors! Blue! Bluegreen! Peacock, like I admired in India and on a farm in Namibia so much for their beauty!
No, I stuck to my promise to myself. Only small things - only easy to knit things.

This fall Kimberly and I had some mail discussion on her yarn and afterwards I knew what to do: Frog the never-will-be-anyway-sweater, take apart the two strands and use one.
For the Peacock? Brown?
No, of course not.
The same night I ordered "Scarf style" and started my Shetland Triangle two days later. (I'm going to sell the book, because this is the only pattern I will follow.)

I still can't imagine brown for a shawl but I do have some clothings it might fit with. To cheer it up I could not resist to put it onto one of my favorite colors.
See for yourself.

BTW: I will have a lot of brown left over!


  1. This is very nice. I never knew how to knit - I'm envious of you. I'm very good at procrastination though :o)



  2. Thanks, Hélène. You can still learn how to knit. BTW, do you consider a visit to La Droguerie worthful? Would not be in Paris - thanks so much for your invitation, I fell blessed :-) - but in Marseille.
    Also *hugs*

  3. Ah, Marseille is a great place to visit ! I hope you get to see the "calanques" - small villages by the sea (great for walking).

    Yes, La Droguerie is interesting at least the one I know in Paris.



  4. Your shawl is going to be lovely Tally. Brown is rather neutral I think so I bet you will be able to wear it with more than you think.
    I must tell you my husband and I had a holiday overseas(We live in Canada) and we thought Germany was the favorite. The people were so kind and the food was wondeful! Hope to visit again sometime.

  5. Hi Maggie, I'm glad you liked Germany. I wonder where you have been to. My home is up north.

    Hi Hélène, the Calanques are exactly the reason why we are near Marseille. :-) This area is gorgeous!

    Thanks for your comments!
    Hello from Hamburg

  6. Oh that is sooo pretty!! I admit, I go through my brown phases too. Brown does go with a lot though!