Friday, May 9, 2008

apple blossoms, mother's day and travel plans

apple blossom1 apple blossom2

In North Germany we experience the most beautiful weather for quite a while already. I feel like a new person: open, awake even with a lack of sleep. Endless admiration for the wonders of nature. Everything is in blossom at once. All little birds leave their nests, birds singing their operas while I type this in the early sunshine. Beautiful light in my little house with the sun rising in an absolute cloud free sky. (For some folks this might be weather like each day, but for sure not for us.)

Last weekend was long thanks to the 1st of May holiday. Instead of driving for climbing I stayed home in my garden that is only beautiful and sunny for 2 to 3 months per year. Got the yard ready after winter. Worked a lot in the house with decluttering and cleaning. Worked even more for the job.
Enjoyed doing yoga each day outside (*love*), taking quality naps, eating fresh asparagus everyday (season has just started *yummy* and I live in asparagus-country) , some bicycle rides near sunset time. Did a lot of planing for the coming vacations.

apple blossom3 apple blossom4

In the meantime the birds are singing their good night songs. The blackbirds song is so beautiful.
This afternoon was spent with packing - fixing my ski between the bikes on top of the car and more. Yes, my ski!
Till yesterday afternoon I thought I was going to my beloved South of France to climb the cracks on the oceanside. But the weather is quite bad in the parts of Europe that are normally the destination to escape the Northern grey. But nope, not now. Would be ridiculous to leave this fine sun for rain. And climbing would really not be recommended in uncertain weather.
After some minutes of discussion and the conclusion to go rock climbing in the Bavarian Alps all up the sudden sprang up the idea for a high Austrian mountain. Thanks to internet we got all information needed in less than an hour. Perfect ski tour conditions. But F. does not ski. Even that might not be a problem, because possible we can rent snow shoes for him. My ski stuff was already packed away in my mothers house, so F. went there while I worked this morning. The car is packed with the same thousand of sacks, bags and boxes as if we would travel 6 weeks or months - and we only have a short week, but we are prepared for every possibility. I wonder what we end up finally doing. Off we go to Austria very early in the morning.

booklet mothersday

This is what some of my student created this year for Mother's Day.
The cover of the booklets is crinkled cardboard. The little pink hearts are felt prepped with fuse by me. The children had to make their own template and then cut it out from the felt.
For most of the children it was one of their first experiences with the hot iron to glue them on. The binding we practised before on a big cardboard with thick waste yarn I have in my cupboard for this purpose. My heart is always touched when I see this expression of love.

sunrise at home

With this picture of one of the fantastic recent sun rises seen from my bedroom I say good-bye for a couple of days. Enjoy your May!

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  1. The apple blossoms are beautiful, thanks for sharing.