Thursday, May 1, 2008


spirogyra yarn 'n neddles

I'm quite happy regarding my knitting.
As soon as I saw the Spirogyra pattern in the spring issue of the free online knitting magazine Knitty I knew, they have to be mine.

Inbetween grocery shopping yesterday I stopped in a local yarn store and found the perfect - because neutral - colored cotton yarn.
I most of the time t-shirts or blouses with half or two/third long sleeves. For the climate here - outside and inside me - it is quite convenient to be able to cover up in the cooler hours.

Yesterday evening I casted on for the swatch and was very satisfied with the look. Sorry, no picture, because I already frogged it. So know I have a small project on hand for the go - exactly what I need .


  1. Aus deiem Muster habe ich von Cécile letztes Jahr ein paar wunderschöne Socken namens Pomatomus bekommen:

    Ich liebe sie sehr und bewundere die fleißigen Strickerinnen, die sich an dieses Muster wagen.

    In den 80er Jahren gab es eine Jazzband namens Spyrogyra, nicht wahr?

  2. Ein wunderschönes Muster hast Du Dir da ausgesucht! Bin gespannt auf das Ergebnis.