Sunday, April 27, 2008

Raps im Ith - Canola/Rape in the Ith

Ith Raps 2 - 27.4.

The Ith is the nearest "mountain" range near my hometown of Hamburg. It constist of mesozoic limestone - some of it has not fallen apart due to erosion. So this is where a climber goes to.

Ith Raps 4 - 27.4.

Well, this Sunday I was awfully tired and had quite a hangover because of last nights birthparty, where I gave the necklace from yesterday. So not much climbing happened but I went nevertheless because I love love love the yellow of the Raps/canola/rape that is just starting to blossom in this area.

Ith Raps 1 - 27.4.

I spent more time resting in the fields than near the rocks. Oh well, comes another weekend. :-)

Ith Raps 3 - 27.4.

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