Sunday, March 2, 2008

birthday flowers 1


Yes, the title is right. Birthday flowers 1. Birthday flowers 2 might follow tomorrow or might not follow. Birthday partys sometimes take their toll. Means they desire sleep catching up, straighten the house, settle down into daily rhythm. This time accompanied with a little sickness, nothing new this winter. It seems normal for a lot of people from around here since December.

I had fantastic two birthday days. Yes, even on a quite unspectacular number (the spectacular happened last year) I enjoyed visitors and action for two days. I love it!

Sunday was all cooking and preparing. Now, please don't laugh: In the late afternoon a Tupperparty mixed with a pre-birthday-party began. My sister asked me to help her getting exercise as a TupperLady. Oh, well, me a Tupper-host???! I was very surprised when some of my friends got really excited about that and so it started. My sister did her job very well, we sold a lot, me also beforehand.
After that some friends stayed for some glasses of Prosecco to say Good-Bye to my last year. My oldest friends stayed overnight, so of course we cheered into my new year. They gave me this beautiful, so intensive smelling jasmine and a gift certificate for a walk through Hannover guided by theater actors.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Beautiful photos - wish I could smell it.

    Your part sounds wonderful, so nice that your friends stayed for a pajama party. A perfect birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had friends to share it with. You really take fantastic flower pics.

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