Thursday, March 6, 2008

birthday flowers 2

Freesia macro2

I couldn't decide between these two macro shots.

Freesia macro1

They belong to the beautiful bouquet of freesia that my mother gave me to my birthday - like she did for decades.
Each year.
Mostly in blue.
This year I like the white ones even more. And most this blossom with its delicate drawing.

The tradition of freesia for my birthday must have started earlier than my memory.
When I was turning Sweet Little Seventeen I lived in Michigan - far away from my family. Of course I was missing them especially in February. You should see my eyes when my birthday letter arrived: 4 (four) pages full of cut and pasted pictures of freezia!

Ever since they accompanied by birthday - except the one when I was travelling through Asia in 1995. My mother flew into Thailand to take me to diner in a lovely beach restaurant and I excused the lack of freesia, because obviously there was no way in that tropical climate there.

Bouquet of Freesia

From my girlfriend I got the spring-like Lily of the valley - much nicer than on the photo. The best neighbour in the world gave me the red flower (name?) and an invitation to a cozy Italian restaurant, yummy.

So nice being able to document all their thoughtful presents.
There were even more - books on mountaineering, an invitation for an opera...
The joy comes back into my mind and into feelings while posting it here.

Lily of the valley


  1. Happy belated Birthday.

    I love Freesias of any colour, one of my favourite flowers.

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Tally ! What wonderful presents too !

    I think the red flowers are a kind of buttercup ("renoncule") in French.

    Kind regards

  3. Das sind wirklich unglaublch gelungene Makraufnahmen - ich habe fast das Gefühl, die Fresien riechen durch den Bildschirm!!
    Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht dir Ellen

  4. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen von den Fresien! Ich brauche unbedingt wieder ein Makro......

    Frohe Ostern!