Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gold for Human Rights

During my Easter vacation travel I already heard the sad news about Tibet on the radio. You all probably know about it.

China (the politicans) is not the only country in the world that isn't valuating the human life (and the nature). Of course the event of the olympics draws the attention to it.
There is quite a lot of information on the net as well as features to express your indignation.
I would like to point out just some possibilities to make it simple.

Amnesty Internatial started their campaign already before the violent strike down of the demonstration of the Tibetean people because what happens in Tibet for many, many years is not the only violation of Human Rights.

The English information page is found here.
In German one can sign a petition online or print it out (pdf-file) and collect signatures to send to AI.

Monday March 31 is Global Action Day for Tibet.

Like in the weeks before there are all over meetings, get-togethers and demonstrations.
Last Wednesday I joined the crowd in Hamburg. It was important, peaceful and heart-breaking to see the participating Tibetan suffer.

For Germany here are all informations.
If you are interested please find out for yourself what happens in your own country. Thank you.

The Hamburg Tibetan Center, where I go to more or less regular for study and meditation, also puts together (in German) current information of what takes place in Tibet and in Germany.

Quote Dalai Lama: "Never give up!"
Here is what His Holiness wrote in an open letter to the Chinese people.
This is the official homepage of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

Thanks for reading.

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