Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summer also in Hamburg *yeah*

I know that there is too much heat and dryness in South Europe, the States and other parts in the world, but here in Northern Germany we are so pleased to have the sun back.
Quick make-up of the too wet garden, putting on very light clothes, smiles on the faces and enjoying summer life.

My flower of today shows the butterfly tree (with bee) which the parents of my 4th-graders gave me last week as a thank-you at the goodby-party. After 4th-grade kids are splitting into different schools. The idea behind is that I sent the students in the world after teaching them the basics. Each butterfly nipping on this tree should remind me of the kids. What a thoughtful, enjoyable present!

As if to answer Sunnis question: Shortly after I read the comment this fantastic peacock butterfly landed next to his silky companion. :-)
The butterfly tree has its German name, because it attrackts butterflys. Yes, it does! There are more around in my garden than in many years.


  1. Is that butterfly real?
    If so that is wild I have never seen one that color.

  2. You take some beautiful pictures. I am glad you finally have some sun. I wish we had some of your rain; we haven't had any measurable rain for a year! I know I live in a desert but this is crazy.

  3. OH MY MY MY, what beautiful butterflies. I have never seen either of that type. Thank you for sharing.
    BTW, I posted the humming bird babies on my blog this morning.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful butterfly photos Tally! I used to run around and chase them when I was a child because of the colors :o) Lillian