Monday, July 30, 2007

Sun in the lilies

Yes, the title is right. Can't see the sun outside, as so often here in North Germany in this so-called summer. But for luck I have my photos. This weather sometimes provides very special light situations, when one sun-ray hits something. And when it it something beautiful like the lilies in my garden I run to get my camera.

Even more for luck we don't have this pouring rain like in England, where the people are suffering from flood-like sutuations nor do we have the heat and dryness from southern Europe, where people are suffering from that and the fires taking place in the dryness.


  1. Hi Tally,
    Boy it looks like you are having fun. You are a real inspiration to me,you are so active. At soon to be 43 and a bum knee and an anatomy that doesn't fit a bike...well I am just jealous. The best thing to do I suppose is to start where I am. Love your picture out in the desert doing yoga...just where you are.

  2. The tiger lillies are sooooo lovely! (Mine are just ready to bloom.) This is such a lovely picture, I had to save it to my screen saver slide show! Thanks! Robin

  3. Do you mind if we keep a picture or two of your flowers? I don't get many (any some years) here in the desert. You take wonderful pictures!

  4. Das sind wirklich wunderschöne aufnahmen - man muss das Glück ergreifen, wenn es wie hier in Form eines Sonnenstrahls kommt und auf deine Lilien im Garten scheint. Gerade bei feuchter Luft wird das Sonnenlicht ja so intensiv und die Farben beginnen zu leuchten aus sich selbst heraus. In den schottischen Highlands habe ich das so erlebt.
    Ein Licht, das es hier gar nicht so oft gibt.

    Ach - wie gerne würde ich hier auf Englisch kommentieren - aber das kann ich nicht all das sagen, was ich möchte und du verstehst es ja so wundrebar auf Deutsch...

    Herzliche Grüße von Ellen - seelenruhig