Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thubten Chodron in the evening

Each day after the teaching of Dalai Lama there are other programms to go to.
Today I went to the talk of Thubten Chodron, an American buddhist nun. What a lively speech, what an inspiring person. This lady really draws ones attention into her talking.

Dealing with anger - who does not know the situations where one is annoyed, frustrated, even furious.
I can't write down all the explanations for anger and all the remedies she was mentioning. The most important is contemplating about impermanence (everything is changing every moment). This prevents from exaggerated expectations and attachment.

As I found out Thubten Chodron has an expanded homepage. Have a look for yourself if you want to read more: Thubten Chodrons homepage


  1. Thanks Tally for sharing your time with the Dalai Lama and others. Just thinking about him and seeing photos make me smile :o) Lillian

  2. I'm glad that you show me your interest, thank you. So it was worth the effort. :-)
    Because I'm very tired in the evenings I don't post so much. I leave the house at 6.30 am and exept today have not been home before 9 pm.

  3. Dealing with anger, hmmm, maybe this should have been attended by several of the world leaders!

  4. Oh, and thanks for the link. I saved it to look at later.

  5. Freebird, on this link Thubten Chodron is offering some of her speeches in mp3. I'm going to download some and take them with me in my coming vacations. During the long car ride I can use my cd-player and headphones to listen. Hopefully it works out.

  6. Good idea. I'll try it for my Ipod but sometimes with dial-up service it takes too long to download. Someday I will have faster internet. In the meantime I am enjoying the people I am meeting online such as you.