Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Switzerland 1

This is a photo I took during my last visit to Switzerland this May.
Switzerland has always been one of the places in the world where I wanted to live - but never managed to. I was pretty close living in Zurich (of what a dream!) for a year in 2002/2003, but could not stay due mostly to reasons of my profession and the need of making money.
I was so sad to leave I hardly could return for the vacations I normally spent there, e.g. for ski-mountaineering.
All of a sudden in May I found an add for a job, in which my skills would perfectly fit. It's one of the almost non-existant jobs by the German government, which is my employer. I was not given an appointment for showing myself, but I was told, that I might look in if I'm near there. You bet I was! I had a week off my Hamburg job anyway and drove the 900 km to look into this job and to say "Hi, here I am."
They are still going through the applications, around 150 for two jobs, so I did not hear anything so far.
I want to put my mind on that job, the town and the surrounding there and work with all my sentiments, and there are many, regarding Switzerland.

I can't show a progress photo of s*w*i*t*z*e*r*l*a*n*d because I'm going to frog what I had worked on the weekend. I want to make it as technically perfect as possible for my ability or non-ability at the time being. You know what I did? Did the same thing wrong as in my very first bracelet. There I discovered I needed some backing to get tension. I was satisfied to figure out by myself to put some fusing on. This time I forgot my self-taught lesson. Oh well, such is life. ;-)


  1. Hi Tally,
    What a beautiful picture.
    I will be having good thoughts for you getting the job and finding a wonderful place there to live.
    Life is far to short not to live in a place that makes you really happy.
    I finally posted my finished June page and one of my start for July.
    I too am learning new things along the way with this and trying to remember what I learned in June so I don't repeat the same mistakes in July, now if I could just remember what the mistakes where..LoL...
    Have a great day,

  2. Oh Tally, my thoughts are with you, envisioning you working and living in the place that you love!!
    All is possible!!

  3. I'm so glad you are working away. Neat to see what is happening.

  4. Hi Tally,

    Sending you blessings and good luck for being in a place you love and the job! :o) Thanks for sharing the photo, I've always dreamed of visiting Switzerland and of basking in its beauty :o)

    I'm still working on my June page, and it's coming along. It's not the beading that's taking the time because I'm not using many of them.

    Here's to dreams, Lillian :o)