Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today it's the last day of June - time to start at least this months BJP-piece. ;-)

It has been unforeseen a very trouble
some time of my life with hardly any energy to think about projects in my life.
I indugled in summer delight which gave me so much joy - and that was enough and exactly what I needed.

For s*w*i*t*z*e*r*l*a*n*d I had the beads and misc. together very early in June and they have been sitting next to me when I was beading. I planned to work into the June bracelet abstracts of my beloved mountains, maybe even kind of a climbing route. But I never found the ex
act picture in my mind.
This morning I took the advice I read on so many blogs: Take one bead and start - it will all come out.
And so it did, at least I hope so:

I started with the cute sun twinkling with her eyes at me and went on stitching a snowy slope as the beginning of a mountain. But it did not feel right and I felt like I can't do it.

A moment later looking into the beads all of the sudden I knew what to do: I go on with more or less stitching rows and letting the colors speak for themselves and letting them merge.
It is not important that the piece carrys mountains, skiing, climbing, beautiful tiny high altitude flowers, crisp air on it. Important are my feeling and thoughts while working on it.
Now I'm in a much more happier mood, because I know what I will be doing. Yeah, and I know that this I can do!

The weekend is young; I need to recover from an awful week and part of it will be working on s*w*i*t*z*e*r*l*a*n*d.


  1. Hi Tally. I am glad you are now able to relax and enjoy your BJP page for June. I am feeling like you with my July page. June was easy but now, I am afraid to start because I worry it will not come out as I envision but I have given myself the deadline of July 1st to start and see what happens. If my vision does not come about I will do as you and others and place one bead on my page so forward we continue to go!

  2. Hi Tally,
    Your joy in beading and colors is so refreshing. Let your joy and your breath bring your beading to life! We're all so lucky to have something that we love that can bring us peace.

  3. Tally, it takes time to find joy again after such a devastating incident that you experienced. To me, it's not so important that your bead page be finished, especially when it's a reflection of where you are in life right now and what you are feeling. That is your bead journal.

    Again, I just want to say, give yourself time, and if you need support from family, friends, or a specialist, please seek them out. Sending you hugs, Susan

  4. Beading is an expression of living, not the sole reason for living. I love what you have done and are doing inspite of all the trauma you are experienceing. Your joy and delight come through and that is so much more important for being alive.

  5. Hi Tally,

    I just noticed your other post about what happened to you...I'm so sorry! Take one step at a time, be gentle with yourself :o) Love the colors to "switzerland"!
    Sending you blessings and support,
    P.S.I made comments on the previous posts I just found

    P.S.S. I never did receive your email...oh well

  6. hello again...the healing aspect of art is surely one of the main reasons I'm still at glad the beadwork is helping you get through a hard time...blessings on you.

  7. Hi again, I just posted on one of the other post, the one "Not everything".
    I am happy to see you have started your July piece, I am still beading away on my June piece.I want to start July's but I am making myself finish the other one before I start a new one. I can't wait to see what you do with the new one, the little sun is so cute.

  8. Beading, in fact, doing any kind of artwork, is so good for healing. I'm sure your piece, already off to a good start, will be beautiful. You did have a horrifying experience, but do you know, many people would not have helped at all. At least you know that you are a good person. Don't worry about whether it is June or not, just bead on.

  9. Oh Tally, I join everyone else here in supporting you and encouraging you to continue with your beading in a way that carries your feelings and thoughts visually. Lois is right... just bead on. Hugs, Robin

  10. Thank you all for your very supporting words.
    It feels so good to be connected.