Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not everything is as happy as it might look

We all know, that live has many sides to it. June came up with the not-so-happy side at a moment where I was 10 minutes earlier joking around with a friend about our problems. "If our deepest concern is wether it is dangerous to take the wrong side of an abandonend country road than we are really happy people."
Short time after we were the one trying to give first aid to a 42 yrs lady drowning at a very small lake. She left 2 young teenage boys and her parents. They have been there just for a swim, enjoying together the summer Sunday afternoon.
I'm writing this here to tell everybody to take it serious what was told you when you were a child: Don't eat anything at least 45 min before swimming!!
As my doctor explained to me this is the main cause for death when swimming.
Digesting the stomach needs a lot of your blood. When you go into water the coolness of the water makes the blood move to the surface of your skin, so it's not available for the stomach. Stomach notices this and tries to get rid of what is in it. And this might possible find its way into the lung instead of outside the body. Normally one would cough, but in the water one gasps for breath and takes water in instead. Even a med being there would have problems helping.

The picture I took 2 days after the accident. I was for one day on sick leave, trying to regain my psychological strength and was sitting in my garden all day doing nothing but beading and working on the blogs. I needed beauty and happy thoughts around me.
The picture was on the BJP-blog, but now I want it also here. I got much nice and cheerful mail on it. When I made someone happy it makes me happy.
And it shows that there are not only sad things in live.


  1. I am sorry. I was not paying quite enough attention. I saw your picture on the main blog and thought the story was the same; now I know it is not. At least you tried to save her and her children and parents know that. That will mean so much to them so you did help in a way.

  2. Freebird, thanks for your nice words. It's not you not paying attention. I put this post on just a few days ago but with the date I took the picture. The first weeks after the accident I couldn't talk or write about it. Because it definitly belongs to my June journal I added it here later.

  3. Tally,

    Remember you were there to give aid and comfort and that's what her family will remember.

    Sending hugs to you, Lillian

  4. Tally, I am sorry I also missed this post. I can't even imagine how sad you have felt. I hope that your feeling better now. Just remember you did all that you could. You seem to be a wonderful person.
    As for your garden picture, as you know it truly inspired me. My back yard is thriving and looking awesome. I am enjoying it so much. Why your picture moved and inspired me so I don't know. But often when I am out in my back yard I think of your garden and how that one little picture moved me so much.
    Again Thank you,
    You will never know how much healing that being in my backyard is doing for me.
    Bless you,

  5. I hope you are feeling better now Tally.

    I have been thinking about your post for some times. It has occurred to me that death and life happen every day, although we are not always aware of this, we don't always see it. It is the weird way our world functions. However, when we feel weak and tender, maybe this is the moment when we are the most real and powerful.

    Take care,