Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer delight brings joy

Some days ago I stitched the last beads on and figured out how to work the closure, but didn't have the time to sew back and front together.
Yesterday I was getting ready for a summer birthday party. After being dressed I saw summer delight and wished to put it on, because I wanted to feel pretty and joyful on this very special night. And so I did. I knew that it wouldn't fall apart and nobody would notice the missing stitches.

Oh, what a joy!
As we all know life is not always easy and wearing this bracelet definitly helped getting myself more on the happy side. :-)

I will show it in full when it's finished and give you the details of the material. For now guess, from where the flowers used for the closure travelled from?


  1. Oh la la, how fun.
    And I bet you those little flowers came right out of that package from Robin.
    Do I win the door prize????

  2. Yep, Robin's package is where I figure those beads came from! See, we have been paying attention!

  3. Hi Tally,

    Love how your bracelet turned out and that you had fun wearing it :o)
    Imagine, flower beads from afar! Lillian

  4. Yap, you 3 guessed right! Wasn't too difficult, or? ;-)