Saturday, June 23, 2007

Long distance mail

I love it when I open my mail box
and find something waiting for me. :-)

Inside were the two books I've ordered from Robin Atkins and those yummy beads. Everythings was well packed so to make its long travel secure. Thanks, Robin, everything went fine. The beauties were wrapped with the nice dragonfly paper I photographed them on. Dragonflys I like a lot, both in nature and in beads. I wonder about the story of the beads.


  1. Oh fun fun, I love getting beads and bead related stuff in the mail. It's like having a special holiday and it's all about you.
    Have fun with it.
    And that is cool paper.

  2. Yes, it is so great to get a package in the mail, especially beads! Yesterday, I got the ones I ordered so now I can finish my June page for the BJP. Hope you are having fun with your page.

  3. "Christmas" in June :o) How fun-thanks for sharing, Lillian

  4. How sweet to scroll down your blog and find your happiness at receiving beads, book and dragonfly paper! Thanks! Robin

  5. I hoped you would discover my visual thank you, Robin.