Wednesday, June 13, 2007

International visitors

It's great to see on google analytics from where all the visitors are coming from. To see them reading in all over Europe and North America is exciting and on top there is one from Sidney, one from Perth (say hello to an old girlfriend) and one even from Malawi (I would be glad if you would give me an "hello"). About the latter I read an article advising this country good for a bicycle trip. Since this summer I'm not travelling far away I did not go deep into it, but it's not out of my mind.
It's fascinating to see people from all over seing my things (and my garden on BJP).

Cheers from Hamburg


  1. Tally, I have to tell you how much that picture inspired me.
    I have a beautiful patio,its covered and has wonderful shade trees around it and a view of the Sandia Mountains. However, I had just not gone out and done anything out there since winter,due to some health issues with my husband I just hadn't had the time or energy. But I saw your picture and thought, get up and go sweep that patio, and now, all the furniture is washed down, and replaced and things are hung up and its wonderful.Still things I want to do, but I just had to say thanks for getting me moving.

  2. Tally, I saw in your comment on Morwyn's blog Another Country, you were concerned about bracelets not being an original idea. You are the only one in the BJP I know of who is doing their pages that way. I thought it to be a very clever, original way to make a journal page. Keep going girl!

  3. Tally, I had to tell you I posted some pics of my patio.
    Also I had to say thanks and a big big hug for inspiring me to get out there.

  4. Oh Tally, I made a big big mistake.
    You posted to me and I put it in the trash. To say I am embarrassed can not cover it. I am so embarrassed.
    As for my hoop, that is a Qsnap.
    The great part of it is you can tighten and loosen your work. and you can get smaller ones, mix the pieces and have a rectangle instead of a square. So YES... I think you could do that. Mine is 8x8 and the smallest is 6x6. I found a link for it and posting it for you here.

    I posted this here and my blog. I wanted to make sure you recieved it.

  5. Ok now I am even more embarrassed..
    I didn't delete there..I deleted my post.
    Ok call me goofy, I deserve it.

  6. It's amazing to see what the winds bring in.