Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Greeting Card

After some dark weeks in which I cheered myself up with all the flower photos I'm very happy now.
My mind is indulging in creative ideas; mentally I plan thousandandone projects.
My plans for summer travel are finally all settled. Looking back I have such a wonderful life being able to travel all over, but most of the time arranging it's not as easy as it might look even for me after a while.

This summer I will visit an island far away with a different culture and there are many, many impressions waiting for me. For once it will be a trip without my bicycle, my climbing shoes and a rope.
I was wondering what to take to use the time for my interests. Into my mind crept journaling. I always write diary, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some words in my moleskine, some snippets glued beside.
Right now I'm very inspired to color pages, to experiment much freer than I normally do with different kind of media.
Because I won't be able to buy supply on the road and it has to be small I have an excuse to try out a bit beforehand - even if my time is very limited right now.

Before work this morning I made a Greeting Card for my friend and collegue. I brought for her a beautiful candle from an Austrian manufacture when I was there in May. I forgotten to take a photo, what a pity. The colors were gorgious: red and yellow in a flat brick floating into each other.

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  1. I'm glad you are happy, Tally, and I'm happy to hear that you're going to be travelling soon !

    I'm curious to know where you intend to go.

    Believe it or not I bought sead beads with me in India, and didn't touch them, but somehow they worked as an amulet for me. It was a good thing I had bought a pen and paper , that proved very useful.

    Tschüss !