Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sternfahrt Hamburg 2008

For many years I join the thousands and ten-thousands of cyclists in the Sternfahrt of my hometown Hamburg. From several meetings points of the Hamburg border and of outside people drive downtown, merging at one point or the other.
The purpose used to be and still is to show a way of non-pollution transportation and to demonstrate for better bicycle conditions, which are very, very necessary. For most of us it is a huge fun Sunday trip with meeting up old and new friends, travelling to our beautiful city and - if coming from the south - crossing over the great harbour bridge. I'll show some pictures later on.

Great spectacle, great fun, all kinds of people from kids to old ones, from stylish-dressed racing biker to low-tech somekind of wheel-driver.

The most astonishing participant this year was definitly this huge parrot.


At first sight I thought it was a stuffed toy animal - but no way, this big bird travels with his human compagnon all through Germany. Last month he got stolen, but due to police, radio and televion was given back to his happy owner.
He sits free on the handle bar and seems to enjoy his bicycle rides.

Here is another shot, because he was really amazing.


By the way, the nice bicycle in the background with the Namibian flag is mine :-) .

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