Thursday, June 26, 2008


sunset namibia

I love sunsets.
No matter how stereotype they might seem I enjoy every single one.
Just a couple of minutes ago I did exactly that while driving home from sport in direction west. Above the flat land that I was passing through there was this huge orange ballon sending out rays behind big clouds. The rays almost looked blue in the sky. Marvellous.

Not for the first time I was contemplating the question why sunsets seem so spectacular to us while being on vacation, preferable in exotic spots.
I remember as a child almost everybody on the campground at the North Sea in Juetland, Denmark, celebrated the sunset.
And who doesn't have African sunsets in their inner eyes? Sunsets like the one above which happened in Namibia.

Today I figured it is a matter of space and time.
At the sea or in the desert there is the space, the vastness, to actually see the sun going down. Not so in the city or in areas with a lot of trees. Second one has to be on time to actually watch them. And when does this happen if not during vacation time. Aren't we all too busy in daily life to go to a place for "just" watching the sunset?

The picture below I took while riding my bicycle not more than seven kilometers from my house. I had the same view the day before without having my camera with me. So I scheduled next days ride for exactly the same time and day. It was on a long weekend, so counting almost as vacation :-).

sunset south of Hamburg

Oh yes, what I also enjoy are our almost endless days right now. It's daylight till 10 pm. So much more energy than in winter with the long dark hours.


  1. Es gibt Dinge, dagt mir ein älterer Mensch mal, - und an diesen Satz muss ich immer wieder denken - die werden einem irgendwann langweilig im Leben, so wie z.B. Geburtstag... aber ein Sonnenuntergang ist jedes Mal einmalig und beglückend!

    Wie wahr das doch ist! Deine Fotos sind wunderschön!

    Grüße von Ellen

  2. Wow! Das sind ja Aufnahmen, die man direkt malen möchte.
    LG hexli