Friday, June 27, 2008

Sternfahrt Hamburg 2008 - part 2

As announced in my blog-post immediately after the bicycle Sternfahrt I post some more pictures to show some not so usual view of my city - the beautiful Hamburg.

Hochfahrt Köhlbrandbrücke

Here we drive up the Koehlbrandbruecke, which is normally strictly forbidden for cyclists and pedestrian. It offers superb views into the huge harbour and the river Elbe, views to Hamburg City and in the distance south one can see the Harburger Mountains (altitude up to 155 metres *ho-ho-ho*).

auf der Köhlbrandbrücke

The Koehlbrandbrücke is an enourmous bridge in the harbour, very high and long. Built in 1974 it was one of the so called Century Buildings of Hamburg.
For me those have a special meaning, because my father, who died much too young, was a civil engineer with a special interests in bridges.

Hamburger Hafen Container

Container-Colors. :-)

Michel und Fernsehturm

The church in the middle is the "Michel", the town's landmark. To the left you can see the television tower, another one of Hamburgs important buildings. What a shame, that the café that used to be up top on a rotary platform has been closed for years. I was able to have coffee and cake (German tradition) up there and and watch complete Hamburg during only one hour from high above.


We cyclists have to gather to ride all together on the donwtown streets which are car-free for us. We are in the Hafen-City, the quarter, that is so much in fashion right now. Old warehouses get refurbished, new very chic apartment buildings grow next to them.

(I wish I would have the money to buy me an apartment with an unspoilable view over the river Elbe and the harbour in one of those new houses as my downtown-place-to-be. :-) )

For sure you will find me again on the Sternfahrt 2009.

June 28th is the birth date of my father. So this is for him.

* * * * *

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