Monday, February 9, 2009

Showering in the February full snow moon

fullmoon in my window

Today it's February full moon. The sky in Hamburg is completely overcast so I'm glad that my personal fullmoon happened yesterday.
In the morning I wrote the post before this one, being very happy about how everything falls together this year all the time.

In the dark evening I showered in the (almost) full moonlight. Yes, you are reading it right.
After a great training in my climbing gym I went into the sauna. Well heated up I stepped outside and there she was - hanging big and friendly right above me - this month fullmoon. It made me so happy, I had to smile all the time. You bet I spent a lot of time outside in fullmoonlight, only covered with my towel.

Back home I drove through the open countryside that was very lightened. For once Icheered every minute of this long, late ride. At home I took the above picture from my window.

While resting later on I reflected how much impact the January fullmoon had on me. *Cheerful* facilitated when I was internally whining about all the stuff that is waiting for me to be dealt of. And not only that. A lot of times *cheerfulness* came into my mind when I was feeling low for other reasons.
Fullmoon fills me up. :-)

For the coming month there is :::::hope::::: (look at my last post). But I'll stick to *cheerful*. There is still a long way to go.
My word for the year is also on my mind specially this fullmoon. So I called this photo: Path to ***l*i*g*h*t*n*e*s*s***

path to lightness

In February the moon is called Full Snow Moon. What a name for the snow lover that I am.
In Hamburg we have lots of rain, but a lack of snow. But last weekend I escaped into beautiful snow-world.
Part of my mission of ***lightness*** is getting fit for my skitouring trip to the Alps in March.

Thanks, Jamie, for your input and your dreamboard.
Hello to my fellow Full Moon Dreamers.


  1. What a beautiful way to take in the energy of the full moon. That most bode well for your February dreams.

  2. Your moon bath sounds so magickal! I can just imagine it! Very beautiful.

    Here's to cheer, here's to levity, here's to finding our bliss. :)

    Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

  3. I love that photo! The moon, the statue and the plant seem to be in love with one another :)

    These words and your images make me smile. I feel happy perhaps the happiness you felt when creating them. Enjoy your ski trip in March!

    I've made a special place for my full moon dreamboards. You can see it here:

  5. Great photographs. All your smiling, made me smile. :)