Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Delicate silk

Now that I have this new camera, with which I'm very satisfied btw, I want to take the pictures of all my recent projects.
This dull November light gave me the opportunity to learn about more about the camera, here especially locking the exposure settings.

The light pink in the background was overexposed when the setting was right for the forground. I can take the exposure from the light part, save it and take the focus from another spot. Pretty smart, isn't it? Does your camera have possibilities like this and have you checked them out?

I bought this beautiful yarn about 5 years ago in Switzerland as a prepacked pack with just some grams of each color. Since it was my rather-seldom-knitting time of my life it actually took me years to finish this simple garter stich peace.

To fancy it up I put some shining beads onto the silk. The way I did it is described in this post.
It was not so much improvement so I just knitted one row with a bead now and then. It's kind of a little secret, because when worn they hardly show.

Probably I'm overdoing with pictures, now that I can take them again with fun. ;-) I'm never good in decision making about what to keep, what to use, what to take. It's noticable all over in my little house, on my hards disks (yes, with a bold "s") and the luggage I'm carrying around the world during traveling.
Anyway, here comes the last one of this set:

This little Buddha came with me from Margo in Goa, India. Makes me very, very happy. I didn't put it up the shelf for decoration, it is always sitting there and I put the scarf on the shelf because it was the only place with at least halfway light.

So, now I did, what I promised myself this early morning while driving in North Germanys November dull No-Light: To take nevertheless some colorful pictures.

Through blog-world I realise much more in a set moment how different the living conditions are all over the world at the same moment. In other parts of the world people are so happy when it's not so hot anymore. I had to smile when I read stuff like that e.g. from the people posting from Arizona. In Australia it's getting summer now.
Yes, and in other, mostly non-blogger parts of the world people can't concern about camera setting, yarn and blogging software. They have to struggle for live.
Sometimes it feels so ridiculous spending my time with the stuff I do. On other times I know and feel that this is my life, the way it is. I can try as best not to hurt anybody, maybe helping if possible and not over-indulging in my little self.


  1. Being grateful and thankful for all our blessings is enough. You're pictures are beautiful!

  2. I'm sure in non blogging countries, people know how to have fun (maybe more than we do in big towns), and do pretty silly things which turn out to be not silly at all but merely beautiful. Creativity and happiness can thrive without money - fortunately.

    Lovely sweater ! :o)