Sunday, November 4, 2007


Instead of writing a post in this blog as planned and needed (yes, I do want to keep it up although I'm not posting frequently) I played with my new toy. Finally I received my invitation to Ravelry, a site for knitter/crocher to communicate and organise.

There are so many possibilities nowadays to connect via Internet, a lot of fun, but also the danger of getting lost. And of neglecting to necessary other things one wants to do. Besides Ravelry I got some invitations for Facebook.

I wonder how other persons are blogging long posts with many pictures almost everyday. If I'm on my notebook in my private time I spent so much time already reading all those beautiful, inspiring blogs and sites that I have hardly anytime writing myself. I bet, I'm not the only one. ;-)


  1. So very good to see you post again, I've missed you! Sounds funny since we don't 'really' know each other, but I have thought of you and wondered how and what you were doing.

    You are certainly not alone. There are so many wonderful blogs out there to enjoy, it is hard to manage the time. I'm happy if I am able to post once a week, earlier on I tried to post more often, but I just don't have the time with all it takes to take the photos, re-size, crop to fit, etc.

    One thing I did do recently that helps cut down on the time I 'wander' around the internet - I subscribe to the blogs I enjoy via 'Bloglines', that way I can tell at a glance which blogs have new posts and can manage my browsing time by going only to those blogs.

    I am subscribed to almost 60 feeds currently - so it does help. It also helps me feel that I'm seeing posts in a timely manner.

    I suppose I've written plenty for now. It is great to 'see' you again!

  2. I know what you mean...I wonder how people find the time to write an entry everyday too.

  3. Hach, die Welt ist doch klein. :)

    Hast Du im Ravelry-Wiki schon die Seite zu den Handarbeits-Übersetzungs-Links gesehen?

    Und ich hab' Dir eine Einladung für die deutschsprachige Ravelry Group geschickt. :)

  4. Hallo Tally,
    das ist ja wirklich witzig, dass Du "gleich nebenan" wohnst. Die Welt ist so klein. Vielleicht laufen wir uns ja mal im Shape in den dann fertigen SSS gewandet über den Weg, dann erkennen wir uns gleich :-). Vielen Dank auch für den Ravelry-Link, hab mich gleich angemeldet, mal sehen, wann ich eine Einladung bekomme, es sind "nur" noch 7.000 Anmeldungen vor mir ;-).
    Katja (Ajtak64)

  5. I like how you say you get "lost" in the world of blogging. That's just how I feel. My BJP pages are suffering for it. Since I live out of town and don't see too many people usually, the internet gives me a social outlet so although it takes time I try to visit many places; it is so informative and fun.