Monday, November 12, 2007


I have a cold and not much energy for serious work. So this late afternoon I curled down in bed, a mug of coffee next to me, my brown Shetland Triangle in my hands and watched the French movie Brodeuses - Die Perlenstickerinnen - A Common Thread.

Two women are the main actors: The young one is unwanted pregnant. The older one just lost her adult son in an accident. Both share the love for embroidery. Firstly, there are quite distant because of their unhappyness, but doing embroidery together, touching the fine tissus, indulging in shining beads and sequins they find together and back into a life with all life's beauty.

A very quite film, dispelling beautiful pictures. Exactly right for an afternoon like today. Not recommanded for an afterwork evening being very tired.

I also enjoyed the clothes the young women was wearing. Most of them were hand-knitted style and in my favorite bluegreens. Perfect with the actors red hair and delicate undertop.

The Brodeuses are doing the needlework in a way I've never seen before and have not figured out yet. Instead of a needle they seem to be using a kind of very tiny crochet hook to fix the sequins. One hand is kept under the loop, maybe holding the thread, the other one above, holding the hook. Quite interesting, maybe I can find out more.

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  1. Hello Tally,

    Sorry to hear you have a cold.

    I have seen this film which is quite I find charming. The bead embroidery technique, which you descrive bery well, is called "broderie de Lunéville". It was invented near the town of Nancy in the east of France, at the end of the 19th century century, it is a quicker thus cheaper way to embroider with beads.

    Check out the website