Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Souvenirs from France

Not everybody is happy about a rainy afternoon during vacation and for sure normally I'm not. In late October the hours with daylight are so very precious and I adore the sun for the few couple of beach hours (you must know I'm from Hamburg!), because most of the time is spent on my sports.
This fall the weather in Southern France was nicer (for tourists, for the country side it was much too dry) than normal, so there was no time for hanging around in villages or cities. As soon as some drops hit the little harbour bay we had our breakfast in I decided to go downtown Marseille for finally exploring La Droguerie, this shop for crafting supplys I've seen noticed so often in my favorite magazine Marie Claire Idees.
*P*a*r*a*d*i*e*s* for color-lovers as I am. I didn't go too much for all the embellishments. They are too expensive to stash them. I didn't like too much the pre-finished stuff, but I loved-loved-loved the colors displayed mostly in yarn and also in felt, in ribbons, in buttons.

This is my favorite "souvenir": Delicious yarn made out of bambou. On day I have to run a research on how they do it. It is so soft, the colors are shining and wonderful. No wonder it's called also vegetable silk.
The idea for the scarf I will be knitting I picked up in La Droguerie, but I'm tweaking the pattern and the cast-on so it will take some days till I actually can start knitting.

Because I'm not going to Maroc this year I treated myself with these tiny tassles. I was going for the rainbow and asked the very helpful saleslady to pick the right ones, because I didn't have so much time. Somehow she missed the green and I only discovered it at home. What a pity, but maybe I can catch one next year.
The felt and the velvet buttons were supposed to be future baby boots for a collegue, but I don't know if they not might turn out into something else.

Paperbags to take home the treasures were in nice colors too - of course.
Not so very nice was the bill ;-) .

As you can figure, Hélène, I found the visit to La Droguerie worthful. Hello from Hamburg to Paris!


  1. Yes, I can see you enjoyed yourself, Tally, good for you ! :o)

    Can just imagine the bill too (ouch).

    Look forward to seing what you do with all your treasures.

  2. Das sind wunderschöne Aufnahmen - die Farben leuchten und man hat Lust, sich gleich mit an den Strand zu setzen und was Schönes zu stricken!! Genau mein Farbgeschmack! Wundervoll!! Danke auch für deinen Besuch bei mir. Hin und wieder - nicht allzu oft - berichte ich über Erfahrungen aus dem Ehrenamt im Hospiz. Vor allem deshalb, weil ich dazu beitragen möchte, dass die Hospizidee mehr Akzeptanz findet und sich als etwas ganz Selbstverständliches in der Gesellschaft etablieren kann.

    Ich wünsche dir ein erholsames Wochenende. Bis bald. Ellen.

    du lac de Constance j'envoie un grand bonjour à Paris à l'autre Hélène ...

  3. Guten Tag, Ellen ! :o)

    I slept near Constance this summer, a lovely place.

  4. An international meeting in my small corner of the blog-world. How nice!

    Danke Ellen, für deine netten Worte.

  5. Hi from Austria too! Love that yarn, I´ve never heard of anything like it.