Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yoga at home, Yoga in India

Today I started my Yoga winter programm. I really enjoy Yoga since I was sweet little 17, but I do it almost only outside, preferable under blue sky.
Well, that's pretty rare in North Germany and the winter with its short days is long.

I was happy finding this DVD in my mailbox today. Perfect for a blewn climbing date after some very stressful days in work and some personal problems. Instead of just sitting in front of the screen or forcing myself do to some housework, which would not have been very effective I lit some candles, rolled out my mat and put the DVD in the player.
Perfect! Exactly what suits me. David Swenson talked me through a 30-min-routine in a gentle, yet demanding way. I could feel that his heart is into in. My concentration was much better and I was pushing myself more than doing it completely on my own. Without leading I tend to skip the relaxation. Not this time.

It is possible that I might have more time on my own then I prefer and not as many climbing dates as I would like in the near future. I know that sport helps me so much and yoga I like so much. Yoga is the perfect combination between physical exercise and working on the mind.

Besides yoga I definitely have to pick up outdoor activities, even and especially in these winter days. Right nowI spent every rare minute with daylight in my tree surrounded big yard and on the street racking leaves, what I also consider as exercise.
I do miss living near the mountains as always, but this year I will do better with doing the best I can do here where I am.

It was Simon who introduced me to this faster paced AshtangaYoga, which also Davis Swenson teaches. I found Simon, an English/Aussie-guy in Ladakh in summer 2005. He was on a year long trip with Emma, his girlfriend - and soon to become wife during a wedding on the beautiful Goan beach in Southern India. I decided that the validy of my visa was reason enough to follow him for two weeks in October to take some private lessons. It also was a good possibility to discover a new part of the world, to where I otherwise not would have gone to. I have lots of pictures from that trip but unfortunately none from the yoga sessions. Somehow I have it with sunsets or rises these days so I'll post my favorite picture from that vacation.

Is anybody doing yoga as well? What are your sports or mental exercises?
I know from reading her blogs that Ellen goes hiking in the Alps and dances. Kimberly loves to run. How do you tweak your life so you can do it?


  1. I used to practise yoga when I was younger, and enjoyed it a lot. Now I just walk a lot... But when I see my daughter doing Kung Fu, I think I should move more :o)

  2. Liebe Tally,

    eine kruze Info zu dem Buch von Otl Eicher "Gehen in der Wüste". Es handelt sich um Fotos und Protokolle von den Unternehmungen dreier Wüstnegänger, die allein, zu zwiet oder zu dritt sich ein bestimmtes Gebiet der Sahara ausgesucht und in vielen Fußmärschen zu eigen gemacht haben.

    viele liebe Grüße von Ellen

  3. Hi Tally!

    I'm from the SSS-club and saw the link to your blog. Now you have very pretty pics of the SSS, so in an angle and close-up.
    I scrolled down and saw that you're a yoga practicer.
    I'd love to learn Yoga, but no teachers (or time for that matter) around. So now I do Pilates, that is a little bit the same.
    Isn't it a bit to noisy outside, or do you have your own mountain to practice on? hahahaaha.
    Good knitting on the SSS.
    see ya!