Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a lot of knits

a lot of knits

I have been sick for quite a while now. Nothing serious, but a deep bronchitis, so I have to take antibiotics and am on sick leave. The first days I felt bad and slept a lot. Blogging mojo was all gone, too exhausting. Now I have more energy and try to take the best of my time at home. Very precious time.
Besides paper work I finished so many knits that where just waiting for some rows here, some sewing there or only hiding the remaining threads.
On my way back from hospital (x-ray for my lungs, short visit at my friends room) I stopped next to my favorite tree to take some pictures for my blog and you, my readers.

After so many days of hard rain and staying put it was so nice to be back in the world. Those beautiful, beautiful fall colors! From the hospital's 6th floor I had an overlook over my county. Never knew that there is soo much wood. Shining, glowing fall trees sticking out of the dark green conifers.

Back to my knits. From left to right: summer jacket; shetland triangle shawl; Spirogyra wristwarmers; Hundertwasser fetching fingerless gloves.
More details are coming.

I'm more than delighted finally having started to knit with the lovely bambou yarn I bought last fall in France. Matching to the season it gets leaves stitched on them as embellishment.
After washing the petit leave before blocking it I was scared: the soft touch had changed to an awful kind of hard board! The flowing drape had changed to something stiff.
Luckily it came out almost fine after drying: The shine is back, the grip is almost as soft as before.
I hope this écharpe à feuilles will behave well. It better does!

bambou leaves


  1. I wish you a speedy recovery, it sounds like you are well on your way now and that is good news.

    Wow - the photos, the colors, the knits. Spectacular!

  2. Liebe Tally, hoffentlich bist du wieder auf dem Damm!! Das alles hört sich schon sehr schlimm an!!

    Der Baum: traumhaft!!!!! Auch ich bin momentan hin und weg von der berauschenden Farbenpracht der Bäume. Wenn dazu die Sonne scheint und man durch buntes Blattwerk einen blitzblauen Himmel sieht ist es zum Jubeln schön!

    Deine gestrickten Werke sind wunderschön. Wenn ich solche Fotos sehe, könnte ich schwach werden. Der Blätterschal ist zauberhaft!!! Und wie schön du ihn inmitten der echten Blätter präsentierst!

    liebe Grüße und bis bald! Ellen

  3. Wunderschöne Sachen! Hoffentlich geht es Dir nun wieder besser!