Monday, September 3, 2007

Back from the Alps

I've been back quite a while but had problems with my online-connection. Once fixed a couple of days ago I spent time reading and not writing myself.
As soon I got back my job was calling and of course I'm spending time with my sports and actual crafting. I don't know how regular I will post and in which direction this little blog might go. Also kind of a journey........

I spent two lovely weeks in the Alps, lots of climbing, of nature, of art, of inspiration for crafting. Lots of shopping :-), shoes, new dishes, yammy beads.
As I know myself I will write about those activities and impressions in bits now and then and hopefully somebody besides myself is interested ;-)

This post shows some pictures of the last day, literally the highlight of the trip: Above is me joking around in front of the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of Europe. We climbed a "tiny" mountain opposite of the so very impressive mountain range above the french village of Chamonix. The Mont Blanc is straight 3800 m above the houses! And he is not the only mountain around.
In my humble opinion also not the most beautiful. That label should go to the Dru, the massive "stone" in the background of the next picture. The Dru is featuring a famous very hard climbing route with more than 1000 m. Even the eastiest approach is way above my skill- and wishlevel.
But I do wish I would live near the Alps and not almost 1000 km away.