Sunday, April 27, 2008

Raps im Ith - Canola/Rape in the Ith

Ith Raps 2 - 27.4.

The Ith is the nearest "mountain" range near my hometown of Hamburg. It constist of mesozoic limestone - some of it has not fallen apart due to erosion. So this is where a climber goes to.

Ith Raps 4 - 27.4.

Well, this Sunday I was awfully tired and had quite a hangover because of last nights birthparty, where I gave the necklace from yesterday. So not much climbing happened but I went nevertheless because I love love love the yellow of the Raps/canola/rape that is just starting to blossom in this area.

Ith Raps 1 - 27.4.

I spent more time resting in the fields than near the rocks. Oh well, comes another weekend. :-)

Ith Raps 3 - 27.4.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring blossom necklace

spring blossom necklace - detail

These days I'm almost not crafting at all. Climbing is still on my mind and my energy and time goes into my recent (and necessary) project


Though I did pick up my SpringShawlSurprise at the beginning of clue9 after a rest of 6 weeks and knitted some rows last night.
This morning I enjoyed the sun in my bedroom while beading Ulla's necklace *spring blossom* for her birthday today. I used the same technique as blogged here about the flying pearls.

Good enough - it matches perfect Project Spectrum, featuring green and metallics (and brown) during April/May.

spring blossom necklace

(versilberter Schmuckdraht 0,6 mm, silberne Quetschperlen 0,9 mm, dunkelgrüne Swarovski Crystal Pearls - alles von everglaze; hellgrüne Wachsperlen von nuena; Verschluss alles silber: kleiner Karabiner, Sprungring, Kalotten um die letzten Quetschperlen zu verstecken)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Climbing is my rose

above Sarca Valley

Since my really fantastic March vacation in Italy I'm still feeding on the memories of these days.
Even in my moments of trouble (and there are some minor ones) a smile comes on my face when I recall the laughs, the sights, the climbing.

What about the title of this post?
Ellen announced a couple of weeks ago her "la vie en rose" -day-of-creativity.
Since I didn't pick up a needle for weeks (except for my job), and restricted my internet time for reasons of priority I didn't participate. But scanning through all the beautiful (mostly german) blogs today I wanted at least color my dreams a bit in rose-color.
You can use Ellen's post as a start to the rose-blogs here, here, here and here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Climbing on my mind

My souvenir from Arco in Italy. My Easter trip. And no, it's not yarn. ;-)


But I like it even more - to tell the truth. The texture, the look, the promise of many hours full of fun (well, not all of the time) and adventure, the anticipation of the beautiful nature around ......


After some lovely days with my oldest friend spent with ski touring in the Dolomites/Italien Alps I met my young training partners from my climbing gym in the beautiful Sarca valley near the Lake Garda.
For them it was almost the first outing for longer routes. Great to take part in their joy.


We enjoyed our days so much, we enjoyed our company and laughed and sang and always told us how lucky we are to be here, to have weather better than the forecast, to finally have rocks in our hands ......