Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello from on the road - Ein Gruss von unterwegs


Easy to guess from this picture: The second part of my summervacation I spent climbing in the Alps. Never before I've seen such big Edelweiss, those beautiful, special and protected alpine flower.

Vom Photo her einfach zu erraten: Den zweiten Teil meiner Ferien verbrachte ich mit Klettern in den Alpen.
Nie zuvor sah ich so grosse Edelweisse, diese besonderen, schönen und geschützten Alpenblumen.

Driving through Queras / France

Yes, I was on the road quite a bit, discovering every corner of the Dauphine and around.

Ja, ich war viel unterwegs. Jede Ecke der Dauphine und Umgebung wurde erforscht.

Hiking near the Col de Galibier, Dauphine / France

For sure not only with the car, that was just the means of transport, but climbing. Before climbing normally there is a sometimes short, here longer hike to deal with.

Ganz sicher nicht nur mit dem Auto, das war nur das Transportmittel, sondern kletternder Weise. Allerdings ist vorher immer ein mehr oder weniger langer Zustieg zu bewältigen.

When I will be at home in a couple of days I'll put up a post with more photos and details.

Wenn ich in ein paar Tagen zuhause sein werde, lade ich noch einige Photos mehr hoch.

Alessandro Rodolfo

Right now I'm in Basel to see the heavy grown Alessandro Rodolfo again and of course his parents.

Heute bin ich in Basel, um den schon so gewachsenen Alessandro Rodolfo wiederzusehen und natürlich seine Eltern.

Tomorrow I'll drive north for the next step direction home, but with stopping with the next friends. Nice way to finish a travel :-)

Morgen fahre ich weiter gen Norden und besuche die nächsten Freunde. Eine schöne Weise, eine Reise zu beenden :-)

Many thanks for all the nice and interesting comments to my last post.
Herzlichen Dank für die vielen netten und interessanten Kommentare zu meinem letzten Post.

Monday, August 3, 2009

400 bicycle km, 14 ferrys and countless islands:
Summer vacation part I - Sweden

islands in the Swedish archipelago from the air

Last year I met the magic of the Archipelago.
Only short did I experience the Swedish islands, but I fell instantly in love. There was something incredibly calming.
While studying maps this spring I discovered that there are also many of those granit islands near the Finish shore and in the middle between Sweden and Finland.
So the idea arose enjoying island hopping with my bicycle and of course the ferrys.
On the photo you can see them waiting for me.

Nur kurz erlebte ich die Schwedischen Schären, doch ich war sofort verzaubert von den Granitklippen, die auf mich eine unglaublich beruhigende Wirkung haben.
So träumte ich während meiner Krankheit im Frühjahr plötzlich vom Aufenthalt auf einer Schäre, statt eine Fernreise zu planen.
Auf der Karte entdeckte ich, dass die Schären sich nicht nur um Stockhom ausbreiten, sondern auch vor Finnland und dazwischen. Dort liegen die Aland Inseln.
Die Idee war klar - Tally Ho, auf zu neuen Abenteuern mit meinem Fahrrad geht es zum Insel hüpfen.
Auf dem Photo sieht man sie schon auf mich wartend.


After landing in Arlanda, the Stockholm Airport, I had to cycle my longest distance of approx. 80 km to reach the coast.
The first part took me through a typical Bullerbü-landscape.


I reached the village of Vaxholm with its charming houses and shops.
But I could not wait for the relaxing part and took the ferry out into the Archipelago as soon as possible.

on the ferry in the Swedish archipelago

Exactly as I had dreamt. *big smile*

Ferry in Finnhamn

My first ferry of many to come: The beautiful "Vaddö"


I don't know why but it happened that I landed on Finnhamn - a perfect choice.

Granit shore on Finnhamn

I'm so in love with the flat granit rocks.
Maybe because of some happy childhood memorys from a holiday on the Denish island Bornholm.
Last year my friends and I called them 'whale'.

On the outer whale I did my yoga and sat endless hours doing nothing. Just staring.
"One needs the time for this" - I read this sentence in the biography of Astrid Lindgren.

view from my bedroom

The view out of my bedroom.

I was so lucky to be able to camp this way.

Swedish evening

The weather was not always as nice as the photos show, but one of those great Swedish evenings I had.

streets on Aland

After some days I took the Vaddö back to Ljusterö, took a car ferry back to the main land and cycled to Kapellskär to catch the big ferry that brought me to Aland festa.
The Aland Archipelago is made of red granit rock. Most of the streets are built out of this local material.
My destination were the outer islands, so I left the so called mainland for Vardö.
The traffic you can see on the picture.


What a camping spot!
The day before I spent mostly inside the tent due to heavy rain.
What a cozy feeling in my little shelter! Cozy, till I discovered the water under my mattress.
For luck the rain stopped in the afternoon, so I could dry the tent. It was still time for a walk on the tiny, tiny islands that are connected only by small dams.

Aland archipelago

I dreamt of many ferry trips and I had them.

Camping Kökar1

Those falun red boat houses are a typical sight. This serves as a littly shop on the campground of Kökar island.

Kökar Camping2

Huge 'whale' on the campground.

Forrest on Aland Festa

An enchanted spot for my last night in the 'wilderness'.
Apart from the very coastline the 'whales' are covered with lichen and moss.

cruising into Stockholm

Cruising into Stockholm.
My goal, my final destination.
The city that I rediscovered on a very special weekend last November. Only good memories from then and from 32 yrs ago.

happy in Stockholm

You bet, my smile was big :-)

If you are interested: My Sweden summer last year.

Same as last year I will take off for another adventure in a couple of days.
Enjoy your summer!