Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Corner View ::: Saturday

No, this is not my Corner of the World.
No, it was not taken recently.
Yes, it was a Saturday.
Yes, in one of my absolute favorite spots of this beautiful world.

This is the market of Sisteron, a small city in Haute Provence of France.
My favorite spot to finish my fall vacations.
I buy there local goat cheese, some fresh walnuts and more to take home to Northern Germany.

My idea to post it today: A lot of times on Saturdays I go to the local market in the next small city here where I live.
But there are no pictures of this more every-day-life of mine.

So I post this market of a place where I wish to live
deep from my heart.

And yes, I go to France this coming Saturday. Not to Sisteron, but to Corse.

Enjoy your Saturdays - where ever you spend them this Saturday.

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