Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quilting for healing


This time it is the opposite as in my last period: I'm into such a crafting mood, bursting of ideas, inspiration, eagerness to create that I don't find the time for posting.
If I'm not working or being occupied with day-to-day business or doing my sports I'm buried deep into colors, paper, tools and almost always found with some yarn wrapped around my fingers. With the latter I can read very well all the beautiful blogs but, sorry, not typing possible.
It makes me so very happy you won't believe it. Because I know how precious these moments of my live are I'm breathing in every second and every aspect. Even our weather right now fills me with smiles. It is very foggy, very grey, very dark already. But because so far we didn't have frost the trees are still having a lot of there colors shining out of this grey soup. Racking the tons of leaves my woods supply me generously each year I feel like being in a yellow tunnel. Above me, under me, around me fall leaves and behind that misty fog. Imagine that.

I don't want to loose the contact to the blogging community, so here I am saying "Hi" to my regular readers and "Hi" to the dop-in's. *H*e*l*l*o*

Now to this miniatur quilt from the picture. I like hand piecing a lot and planned to do something with this pattern for quite a while. While at home some weeks ago I searched my stack of fabrics and discovered fat quarters from a serie about healing I ordered from the U.S. I had one piece with another pattern in my purse when I ran into a co-worker of mine in a nearby yarn/fabric shop and showed it to her. She liked it very much.
This gave me an idea: This lady is suffering from severe cancer. So I pieced and quilted the above for her. Connected the 14,5 x 14,5 cm squares with a Swarovski pearl at each corner. Sewed a lot of good wished into it and mailed it to her.


To see more details of the fabric you can click on the picture to enlarge it. But please ignore my rather wonky stitching.
When you do so you are led onto my flickr page where you can go to "all sizes" above the picture.