Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Corner View ::: indispensable - a friend

Long time no Corner View from me. This weeks theme is "indispensable". If I get the *my* translation right: What is absolut necessary for my life.
I've been pondering for a while, quite the big stuff: health, love, light .....

Tonight I couldn't sleep (as in so many nights - indispensable: good sleep).
While practicing relaxing methods (indispensable: at least a relaxed brain) flew in the idea.

Indispensable: a friend

Shown above is a special so called friend. He'll be with you on the mountain, so you wish.

I'm free climbing, which doesn't mean solo-ing. We use a rope and all kinds of belays. You don't use it as a help for getting up but only for security in case of a fall.

The big thing above is my souvenier from this year trip to the granit rocks of Corse, a beautiful island in the Mediterrenean Sea.
I had to get it because in Corse often there are no fixed bolts and sometimes the crags are so wide, that you need big stuff.
Wikipedia shows a picture of how it functions. And no, I don't ever look like the shown person.

The photo I took in the night, so I will add some more, brighter photos.
This friend no.3 is quite unhappy: it is dark, it is pitching wet, it is hundreds of kilometers, if not thousand, away from the next rock.
But time for this kind of friend will come again.

Other friends I do always need !

Corse Bavella 4

This kind of hold is not normal :-) It was so much fun.

Corse Bavella 2

Sorting the rope during a break between the steeper parts.

Corse Bavella 3

On the top - and not alone.

More Corner Views of this beautiful world you can see at FuoriBorgo. Enjoy!


  1. what a fantastic view! Glad you were not alone to enjoy it :)

  2. mighty place you're taking us, understand about the indispensability of shown friend. i love though how you come up that rock. smiling! you clever woman.
    yeah, missing you here, sometimes... you know. now i totally know you're indispensably flying through thin air..
    well, hopefully not flying.

  3. A wonderful view!! A friend indeed. xo

  4. Wow! impressing! (I'm not sure I could follow you…) have a nice and friendly day!

  5. If I were to climb that mountain, I think that I would need about five of your indispensable friends! So glad that you could climb the mountain and take the pictures for us.

  6. Ich glaube, ich bräuchte dann noch ein paar Pampers als "bester Freund" hahaaa, wenn ich mir die "rocks" angucke.

    Du hast meine volle Bewunderung, danke für die schönen Bilder,


  7. Wow, na bei solchen Kletteraktionen ist nicht nur ein Freund unverzichtbar! Auch Mut, Kondition und Abwesenheit von Höhenangst! ;o)

  8. I love this idea of a "metallic" friend (and best friend I hope!). Your pictures and sport are amazing, thanks for bringing us on the top!

  9. Wow, what a view. I would want quite a lot of mechanical 'friends' for safety to do what you do!

  10. I love the view across the valley over the other peak to the Mediterannean.

  11. Col de Bavella? Wunderschön die Kombination von Gipfelglück und Meerblick.
    Der Griff ist ja wirklich witzig, da hätten wir natürlich sofort eine Knotenschlinge durchgefädelt (den nicht immer zuverlässigen Freund des sächsischen Kletterers)
    Ansonsten wünsche ich dem Freund bald wieder was zu tun und für den Fall der Fälle einen ebenso zuverlässigen am anderen Ende des Seiles. Der ist ja schließlich auch unverzichtbar.
    Herzliche Grüße,

  12. Love the view and the hobby! I can see why you would refer to this piece of equipment as your friend. And for the hug Francesca was mentioning, you brought another friend on the mountain, or so I gather...

  13. that is definitely a good friend, going through thick and thin. what a view!

  14. what a beautiful place... and what a facinating piece of equipment.